About Us

Lets Secure is a solution from Softjoy AB, an innovation company at Umeå Universitets innovationsinkubator. The company is founded by experienced tech entrepreneurs with the vision to create solutions that make a difference. Our mission is to help Swedish companies and organizations to increase their defense against Business Email Compromise (BEC), i.e. resilience against cyber attacks aimed at dns, email and web services.
With our cloud service, companies and organizations get an overview of their email and web security in real time, by offering analysis and decision support that shows how well you have configured your systems. We are not a consulting company, but strive to help Swedish companies and organizations improve their IT security requirements by providing support systems to businesses where high IT security is crucial.

Jörgen Olofsson

Experience in cyber-security and internet related services. AI nerd and entrepreneur by heart.

Mattias Nilsson

Entrepreneur with a strong belief in growing your inner self and methods for longevity. Experienced in leadership, product management and b2b relations

Anders Lindehall

Entrepreneur with a long background in international sales and strategic partnerships, values spending time in nature and advocates for a harmonious work-life balance