Once you have secured your own email.
Help your customers, suppliers and partners.

We offer an automated solution where you can see that your customers and suppliers are following secure email recommendations.

Quick security audit

With us you get an immediate answer if your contact's email is classified as secure.

Visualize infrastructure

On a map, you can see where important infrastructure is located, for example inside or outside the EU.

Continuous monitoring

Security requires regular attention. We continuously monitor and communicate the security status of your contacts.

Follow-up and aggregation

You get an overview of which of your contacts have secure email.

No installation

No action is needed by your contacts for you to receive the necessary feedback.


Easily share the analysis with your contact if you found something they should fix

Modules: Secure Supply Chain

Secure email

Regularly check that your contacts' emails are configured so you can trust them as senders.

Collaboration portal

Easily invite your contacts to collaborate around email security.

Comprehensive Analysis

Get an overview of where the infrastructure of your contacts is located.


Verify that your contacts comply with secure signing recommendations.

Continuous Review

When a contact has made modifications that secures their email, it is displayed in the interface.

Detailed view 

View a contact's details with the option to send a summary of the analysis to your contact.