Let's start with what matters most: securing your email.

We will guide you along the path to a secure email.
With a properly configured email domain, your email cannot be used to spread false information, such as CEO letters and ransomware, with you or your company as the sender.


You get immediate answers on whether your email is protected against abuse or open to other cybercrimes.

Detect identity theft

Our analysis tool gives you an overview of who is trying to send emails in your name and where they are. For example, CEO letters

Security recommendations

An overview of the current situation showing what you need to do.

Continuous monitoring

Security requires regular attention. Continuous monitoring and information on any deterioration or need for action.

Validate the work done

For both the person ordering and the person performing, whether it is internal IT or with an external consultant, it is important to get confirmation that everything was done correctly.

Enhance marketing outreach

If you send newsletters or advertising mailings by email, it is important to avoid ending up in the recipient's spam - Concrete tips on how to increase the chances of ending up in the inbox instead.

Compliance with the new Bulk Sender regulations

In 2024, Google and Microsoft will launch new requirements for those who send large amounts of email. Validate if you are complying with the new regulations.

Advanced delivery analysis

Aggregated information showing how your email is processed by different recipients' mail servers for easier traceability and deeper insight.

Modules: Secure Email

Secure email

Regularly verifies that your email is configured to prevent unauthorized use.


Receive a report confirming your compliance with the requirements to be a secure and reliable email sender.

In-depth analysis

Gain an overview of who is attempting to send emails in your name, their location, and whom they have tried to send them to.


Ensure that you adhere to recommendations for secure signing.

Suppliers & Customers

A platform to invite suppliers and customers to join efforts in creating safer email communication.


Receive a notification if your configuration requires action.