Here are some of the voices of our customers and partners.

"The reports along with the easy to understand scoring system enables us to quickly understand where to focus our security work."

Mats Wilhelmsson

"With Lets-Secure's solution, we can now effectively manage and monitor our domains, security certificates, and DNS settings, minimizing the risk of potential security threats and errors."

Patrick Lidén

IT-Chef - Bredband2

"We are excited to be a part of making companies and organisations across EU more secure. Especially at times like these"

Richard Larsson

Uminova Innovation

"Very helpful for our organisation, we have leveled up our domain security a couple of notches. Now we feel safe that our email domains can not be misused in spamming others or even worse a bad actor acting in our name."

Jimmy Persson

Head of development and security -The Swedish Local Fibre Alliance

"With the security service Lets Secure, we now have control over our domains, certificates, and DNS servers according to industry best practices. We highly recommend Lets-Secure to other companies seeking a reliable partner in IT security."

Ulrik Kärrman

CIO - 84 Grams

"Very professional and comprehensive service. Really opened my eyes to the true importance of internet security. Good to have peace of mind"

Sarah Chan

Vice-Chair & Treasurer - Professional Women's Group of Basel